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Drone Shows and Passenger Drones


Tired of being a drone? Watch or fly them instead! 

About Us


Your Vision

Whether you are planning a wedding proposal, a corporate retreat, or a show to augment your band's beats, we're here to help make your event a story to remember for a lifetime.

Excited about passenger drones? See the video below. Passenger drone shows can be brought to your favorite venue and we can help you learn to fly. 

We also produce your video.


Our Partners

We partner with the top drone show wizards in the world to bring you spectacular drone light shows and drone races. 

We also plan passenger drone events to usher in the future of transportation and entertainment. Details coming soon. VIP seating available.


Why Us?

Founded in July, 2018, by Michael D. Kull, Ph.D., Producer and President, a DMV educator and crowdfunder, to transform the future of transportation and entertainment. If you can imagine it, we can plan it and fund it. We can help you train to become a drone pilot for passenger drones as well. Why are you still sitting indoors?

For example....

Wouldn't something like this be cool over the White House? Or your winery? For your wife?

The Future is Now.

Learn, train, fly, have a phenomenal experience.

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